Passion-driven technology

We’re a team of diverse go-getters who’ve built Zave with the intention of making big changes in the Corporate Governance space and the desire to make the journey of entrepreneurship just a tiny bit easier. 

Our Values


Running a company can be challenging at the best of times. That’s why Zave is designed to simplify even the most challenging tasks. Whether it’s meeting your annual compliance obligations or issuing some new shares to help your business grow, Zave is designed to make it simple.


With a robust platform, secure cloud hosting, and world-class AI, we help small business stay connected to their company’s pulse at all times. Get accurate data in seconds. Access important documents while you’re on the go. With Zave, your finger is firmly on your company’s pulse; everything you need is within arm’s reach.


We’re proud of our community—a thriving global network of Zave partners and small businesses. And we constantly connect our members with each other to ensure they have the resources, services, and specialists they need to launch their business and realise their entrepreneurial dreams. We’re invested in the success of every Zave community member. Because when one succeeds, we all succeed.


We think it’s time for Corporate Service companies to say goodbye to long email threads and slow turnaround times for routine work. Our software intentionally streamlines routine tasks. All so you can save time and stay focused on the demands of running your business.


Zave is geared to help everyone in our ecosystem grow. Our platform gives users secure access to important compliance information and vital financial data, and an efficient way to communicate with their service providers and in-house financial teams. For partners, Zave’s intelligent tools automate time-consuming tasks and processes, making it easier to support more clients more effectively, while maintaining the highest service standards.

Featured on Pitchdeck Asia

The mission for Zave is simple. Allow small businesses and their corporate secretaries to both spend less time on routine corporate governance admin and more time on more exciting and challenging things.

—Alan Schmoll, CEO

My background is in channel software & technology with practices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. Compliance and client communication can be a challenging area and I enjoy helping our partners to navigate it.

—Ashley Murrell, VP, Partner Success

The people behind Zave make it a vibrant place to work. The authenticity in daily communication among team members makes it an enjoyable journey here in Zave.

—Grace Lok, HR and Office Manager

Has all of this made your eyes sparkle?

Then it sounds like a great fit! We’re growing fast and looking for the best talent to join our team.