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Client-centric accounting, tax and corporate secretarial workflow management platform utilising messaging AI to drive efficiencies and turbocharge client engagement.


Voted #1 in the “Legal and CorpSec” category for Asian startup most likely to succeed in 2019 by ATP Podcast’s viewer base. Watch our acceptance speech here.


Branded Client Portal

One easy to access portal for your clients to manage multiple entities across a range of accounting, tax and corporate secretarial matters. Localised to each entity’s legal jurisdiction. Currently, we support Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and BVI.







Client Management Portal

From incorporation to ongoing services, one platform to do-all and see-all. Across all the jurisdictions your client's operate.

Activity Dashboard


Entity Management




What is Zave and why are we here? Hear further from our Founder and CEO, Alan, in an interview with ATP Podcast recorded in December 2018.

Service providers across law, accounting and corporate services manage hundreds of entities on the Zave platform.
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