The engine designed to help your firm grow it’s corporate governance practice

No limits on the number of entities our Partners can manage on ZaveHub. Zave subscriptions only required at the point of client access.

Client-centric features to transform workflows

Activities Dashboard

Keep a track of all your clients’ upcoming filings and other deadlines in one place.

Entities Overview

This gives a list of all your active or pending incorporation clients across all the jurisdictions your firm operates in.

Entities Management

Manage entity details and registers as well as create and store company documents.

Xero Integration

Connect with Xero and bring accounting into the relationship. Get free access to Zave’s custom built reconciliation bots.

Receipt Bank Integration

Connect with Receipt Bank and OCR every receipt or bill a client submits via their portal, email or WhatsApp.

Manage an unlimited number of entities in one powerful platform

Free Practice Management tools exclusively for Zave Partners

Company Incorporation

Setting up a business can’t get any easier. We provide a white labeled form for current and potential clients to provide all they need to get a new entity incorporated. The tool also handles the collection of any proof of address or identity documents.

Document Generator

We realise the role of a corporate secretary is document drafting heavy and repetitive, so we have a free tool that will automatically generate some of the most commonly drafted documents . The documents auto-fill with information from the platform or directly from the client when requesting new corporate actions. Currently there is a library of templates around company formation and share certificates, transfers, and allotments. What’s more?  We’re continually adding to new documents to the library. 

KYC Management

We all know how important KYC reviews are for the on-boarding of new clients as well on an ongoing basis. This is why we have features to help you automate and digitise the KYC process, store all important and relevant documents such as identification, proof of addresses, and company constitutions, and track members across multiple entities.

Partner Pricing

No limits on the number of entities your firm can manage. Zave subscriptions only required for client access.

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