Assigning your own Corporate Secretarial details to an entity

25 Nov 2020

Storing your own details and using the Reps functionality

You can store your own team’s individual corporate secretarial particulars and track appointment dates through ZaveHub.

Adding your details here is required to fill out specific templates as part of document generation.

Adding your own details

  1. Navigate to “My Profile” in the top right hand corner of ZaveHub.

2. In your profile under “Personal Info”, fill out your details. Once this is done, click “save changes”.

Note: these should be your details you have registered with the relevant regulator in your jurisdiction.

3. Your details are now saved within Zave.


Assigning yourself as the Representative

Now that you have added your details, you can assign you or your team members as the representative for the company.

1. Navigate to “Entities” and find the desired entity.

2. Click on “Reps”

3. Select the relevant representative, then click “Save Details”.

Auditor Details

The assigned auditor’s personal and organisation details for an entity can also be stored within the “Reps” section.