Communicate through Tasks in ZaveHub

25 Nov 2020

Collaborate on all corporate services through

Traditional communication channels can get pretty messy really quickly! This is why we created ‘Tasks’: one single tool to make sure communication with your clients is always clear and easy to follow.

1. Create a Task by heading over to the “Tasks” module in ZaveHub and hitting the “+” icon.

2. You can create a Task for the relevant client by updating the Task message.

3. You can also add attachments!

4. Once the Task has been created, they will be categorised under the following:

  • Awaiting your clients’ response
  • Open tasks to respond on
  • Done!

All you need to focus on are things that are sitting under “Open tasks to respond on” and respond as soon as practical. You might also want to follow up on the tasks under ‘Awaiting your clients’ response’ if they seem to be stuck.

This allows you to easily keep track of all the outstanding queries at any point in time and clearly identify which items require your immediate attention by simply looking at the first item on the list.


5. For the Tasks you have completed, you can go into the task and click the ‘Complete Task’ light blue text to complete the task.

6. The most recent and completed items will be shown in “Done”