How do I remove an entity?

25 Nov 2020

Created an entity by mistake or a duplicate of an existing company? You can delete entities in ZaveHub through the “Entities” section.

Deleting Entities

  1. Navigate to the “Entities” section within ZaveHub.
  2. Find the entity you want to delete, then click the red trashcan option.

 3. ZaveHub will ask for your confirmation.

What happens when an entity is deleted?



Entities with no services

If a company is dormant or is no longer engaging your services, you can keep their ZaveHub records for compliance and reference.

You can remove the entity from your active entities by unchecking all services associated with it in the Entities details page.

  1. Navigate to the entity you’d like to remove under the Entities section in ZaveHub.

    2. Find the “Services” associated with the entity and uncheck them.

Services should be unchecked and “not active”

3. The entity will be moved to the Entities with no services view in the Entities section.