Keep track of your Clients’ Bills on ZaveHub

25 Nov 2020

In this article we will explain how you can track your Clients’ Bills

1. Track the status of the Bills submitted, authorised and paid.

Head over to “Entities” and then click on “Bills” as indicated below.

2. You can also filter the below attributes to see through the related Bills.

  • Contact Name
  • Invoice No.
  • Total Invoiced Amount
  • Status (Submitted, Authorised, and Paid)
  • Updated Date (This relates to the date when the Client Management Portal is updated)

3. Viewing the copy of the documentation submitted, without logging in Xero. That’s handy!

4. If you need to view the Bills in Xero, you can! Click the ‘View’ button indicated below and it will take you to Xero for the relevant transaction.

5. Nice work, how easy was that!