Store and access all of your key business documents

25 Nov 2020

Zave time and hassle – Store and track those key business documents and access them when you need them.

To Store: To store your key documents, simply ask your Service Provider to load these on your behalf.

To Track: To track your key documents, you can find what you need in the neatly presented chronological format.

Searching for specific documents: If you would like to, you can search using the feature highlighted in the top right section of the picture below, whether that be in the last 3 months, or a specific date range you have in mind.

Pro-tip: Be sure to provide Timeline access to your key business representatives such as your Auditor, Directors, Shareholders, and Investors. This will save them time and hassle, and they’ll love you for it. Ask your Service Provider to help you with this.

Easy! Now you can Track, Manage and Store all your key business documents across all of the entities you need, in one place.