Submitting Staff Expenses via WhatsApp

23 Nov 2020

Follow these few simple steps to connect the number you have registered under your Zave Profile.

Connecting WhatsApp to your Zave Account

First of all, head over to your Profile, then select “Personal Info”.

Connecting WhatsApp to Zave: From here, make sure you have the number you have connected to your WhatsApp account listed in your Zave profile.

Link your number: Then, hit the “link” button and wait to be redirected to WhatsApp. If you’re on a web browser you will be automatically redirected to the web version of WhatsApp.

Send the confirmation code: Once you have followed the instructions above in your personal WhatsApp account, sending the code to the phone number above, you should receive a confirmation per below.

Otherwise, if you’re on mobile, you’ll soon see the mobile application. The authorisation code will automatically appear in your new Zave contact and all you have to do is hit send. That’s it!

Submitting receipts for reimbursement

Now that you have your number connected to your new Zave contact in WhatsApp, you can submit your first expense!

This works as you would upload a photo to any WhatsApp chat, meaning you can either take a photo from within the Zave contact or upload a picture you’ve already taken. Either way, once a photo is in the chat, the magic starts to happen.

Selecting the correct entity

Now that you have added a photo of a receipt, you’ll be asked to select which entity you’d like to be reimbursed from. This is as easy as entering the number against the entity or selecting “0” if you want to abort the submission.

Wait for confirmation

Finally, sit back and wait for the confirmation. This usually happens right away or as soon as you have an internet connection. Once confirmed the receipt is automatically forwarded to whatever OCR (document machine reader) is connected to your account by your Service Provider. Service Providers usually take around 1 business day to review the output, check it for accuracy and then publish it to Xero. Once in Xero, it will also be shown under “Staff Expenses” in your Zave account and be ready to approve/reject or add a note to it.

And that’s it! We hope you enjoy using WhatsApp to submit expenses on the go!