Download a free cap table template

Keep track of who your shareholders are and how much of your company they own with this basic cap table template.

Why you need a cap table

Understand ‘who owns what’ in your company

Keep track of important shareholder information

Raise money and attract investors more effectively

See exactly how many shares are in your option pool

Tell current shareholders how much they own

Understand how to price fundraising rounds

Assess the impact of fundraising rounds on company ownership

Forecast future scenarios like payouts and dilution

Check who needs to sign off on important decisions

How to use this cap table template

Enter shareholder information and voila!

Download and open the free cap table template in Excel or Google Sheets. 

To create a cap table with this template, you’ll need to have your shareholder information on hand including how many shares they own. The template also helps you document  option grants, convertible securities, and transactions.

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