A better client experience

Zave integrates with Australia’s NowInfinity to bring your firm and your clients closer together. Invite clients onto Zave and collaborate with them through ZaveHub, the practice management portal that syncs with NowInfinity.

About NowInfinity

NowInfinity is Australia’s leading professional services compliance software provider.

  • Instantly generate legal documents around company incorporation, trust, SMSFs, loans and more
  • Stay on top of compliance through NowInfinity’s seamless integration with ASIC.
  • Create and store all trust related documents on the platform
  • Easily manage SMSFs and use the platform as a single source of truth

Why your clients will love Zave


Both your firm and your clients will benefit from the increased efficiency that Zave provides. Adding new entities is a breeze through the integration with Nowlnfinity, and clients get real time updates on activity.


Clients are able to self serve and get visibility into all their corporate activity and associated documents. They can invite company stakeholders and auditors to access information so that nobody misses a beat.


With Zave’s Tasks feature, client requests can be tracked and processed accurately. Our
bot-assisted Task Concierge helps speed up tasks created for standard corporate actions (like adding a new shareholder) to eliminate back and forth and missing information.

Why your clients will love Zave

Join a community of forward thinking firms

When you come onboard with Zave, you’ll be enrolled in our Partner Program where you’ll be rewarded for adding entities onto the platform. You’ll receive more benefits as you move up the program tiers.

Give your firm the ultimate advantage

Putting your client at the core of everything you do will be what sets your firm apart from the rest. Let technology help you create a memorable customer experience.