How to enable/disable services for entities you manage?

How to enable/disable services for entities you manage? Head over to “Entities” from left side menu. Click into the the entity that you would like to manage the services. From the top navigation bar, select “Others”. Under “Services”, check or uncheck the relevant services for the entity.

Create and manage your client’s key information via ZaveHub

View and set deadlines and compliance vitals. The “Entities” section in your Client Management Portal allows you to view, edit and update your Client’s particulars, enabling you to have key information at your fingertips. 1. Head over to the navigation panel and select “Entities” 2. In the ‘Entity Name’ column, type in the entity you […]

How do I remove an entity?

Created an entity by mistake or a duplicate of an existing company? You can delete entities in ZaveHub through the “Entities” section. Deleting Entities Navigate to the “Entities” section within ZaveHub. Find the entity you want to delete, then click the red trashcan option.  3. ZaveHub will ask for your confirmation. What happens when an […]