Zave and Xero FAQs

25 Nov 2020

A list of frequently asked questions regarding Zave and Xero

Is Zave synced with Xero?

Yes, we synchronise the changes in Xero to the Zave platform. Here is the Xero Sync Schedule:

  • Every 30 mins – Pull records updated in Xero in the last hour;
  • Daily at 12am SGT – Pull the latest records from Xero

My Client has voided the Expense Claim but it still shows as ‘Authorised’ on the Client Management Portal. How can I fix it?

You can check the status of the Expense Claim on Xero to see it is voided.

 If the transaction has been voided, please wait for the next Xero Sync (Please refer to the ‘Syncing Zave with Xero’ ) to occur and check whether the record is matched.

If no, please follow the below:

  1. Perform the required action within Xero
  2. Wait for the next Xero Sync to occur
  3. Check that the records now match

Which types of documents can my Clients upload for the receipts and invoices via Zave?

Zave supports the following formats:

  • JPG;
  • PNG;
  • GIF;
  • BMP;
  • TIFF;
  • PDF and:
  • DOC file formats.

File size limit is 6MB.

Can my Clients upload multiple invoices/receipts in one file?

Zave can process multiple receipts attached to 1 email, provided that the receipts are in separate files.

My Clients have uploaded receipts but they are not shown on the Client Portal. Why is this?

Receipts will need to be processed and published to Xero by you before they appear in the client portal.

This will depend on the OCR (optical character recognition) tool you have integrated with Zave.