Getting started with members

Track individuals across multiple organisations Your ZaveHub Members is a live record of all company stakeholders across your entire client base. This provides you with visibility of directorships and shareholdings for the purposes of KYC (Know Your Customer) checks and due diligence. Important facts about members Each member can be assigned to multiple companies and […]

Creating Ultimate Beneficial Owners

Connect Members with their owned entities With the Members feature, you are able to build out the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) for each individual shareholder. To get started, head over to Members on the left hand menu. Select the member you would like to create a connection to by hitting the icon under the update […]

Assigning members to an entity

Creating directorships and shareholdings for members Once you had added If you have not yet added in your individual or corporate members, see the guide here first: Getting started with members. Adding a member as a director Navigate to the entity you’d like to add a director to through the “entities” section. Under “Boardroom”, navigate […]

Manage your critical corporate finance needs using Zave’s Cap Table

With Zave’s Cap table, access your key corporate data in one place, Zaving you hassle and helping maintain one golden record of the truth. Tracking: Track and manage your current, pending and past shareholders. Live Cap table: Track the type of shares, whether they are ordinary or preferred, who the current shareholders, whether they are […]

Track and manage Board member information

Track and manage details for serving, pending and past Directors in one place, including appointment and resignation dates. Pro-tip: Ask your Service provider to assign your Board members, Shareholders, and other key stakeholders to the appropriate entity/entities you want them to access.