Manage your critical corporate finance needs using Zave’s Cap Table

With Zave’s Cap table, access your key corporate data in one place, Zaving you hassle and helping maintain one golden record of the truth. Tracking: Track and manage your current, pending and past shareholders. Live Cap table: Track the type of shares, whether they are ordinary or preferred, who the current shareholders, whether they are […]

Compliance Vials

Track, manage and store all your compliance needs Here you can access all of the key business information you need for each of your entities. This enables you to: Track key business and compliance Track and manage deadlines Track and store particulars for your registrations & licences Find details for your Company Secretary Accessing other […]

Track and manage Board member information

Track and manage details for serving, pending and past Directors in one place, including appointment and resignation dates. Pro-tip: Ask your Service provider to assign your Board members, Shareholders, and other key stakeholders to the appropriate entity/entities you want them to access.

Store and access all of your key business documents

Zave time and hassle – Store and track those key business documents and access them when you need them. To Store: To store your key documents, simply ask your Service Provider to load these on your behalf. To Track: To track your key documents, you can find what you need in the neatly presented chronological […]

Submitting Staff Expenses

First, what are Staff Expenses? Staff Expenses are reimbursable items that your staff has spent on using personal expenses that will be claimed by your staff and reimbursed by your company. This includes meal claims, taxi receipts, flight bookings etc. There are 3 ways to submit Staff Expenses: Submit by uploading documents to the Zave […]