Helping you manage your Company Bills

In this article, we will explain how you can manage your Company’s Bills First, what exactly are Bills? Bills include expenses of the company that has yet to be paid. They typically include items such as Rent, Utility, Supplier Bills etc. There are 2 ways to submit Bills Submit by uploading documents to the Zave […]

Submitting Staff Expenses via WhatsApp

Follow these few simple steps to connect the number you have registered under your Zave Profile. Connecting WhatsApp to your Zave Account First of all, head over to your Profile, then select “Personal Info”. Connecting WhatsApp to Zave: From here, make sure you have the number you have connected to your WhatsApp account listed in […]

Track and manage your businesses key financial metrics

Track and Manage: Here you can track and manage your businesses key financial metrics in one place, helping you stay on top of what you need. Fully synchronised with Xero, this information provides fresh and timely information relating to your business’s income, expenses, staff reimbursements, and top 10 expenses, ensuring you don’t miss a beat. […]