Setting up your profile

Let’s get you set up, by adding some important information and some personal flair to your profile. First, head over to the top right corner, click on “My profile” PERSONAL INFO: In this section, you can enter some information such as your mobile phone number, your job title, and personal interests. Pro-Tip: Your mobile phone […]

Company Profile

Let’s get your Company profile set up. Why is this important? These are the highest level details for your entity. Make sure you keep the ones you know up to date, and raise a Task for your Service Provider for any fields that are locked that you’d like to suggest a change. Pro-tip: Always make […]


Zave has 3 different types of users, administrators can invite or change user status to one of these options. So what are the 3 different types? Normal User This is generally for your rank and file employee with no access to sensitive company information. This user gets access to none of the compliance tools or […]

Manage Tasks

Using Tasks, you can manage your engagement with your Professional Service Provider. Clear, easily accessible and always simple. Here we will take you through how to manage, create and respond using Tasks Creating Tasks: First, head over to the left-hand pane, select Tasks and press the big blue + sign as shown below. Next, simply […]

Navigating the main Menu Bar

Once you’ve set your Profile and adjusted any Admin Settings it’s time to start getting things done! Everything you need is on the left-hand pane, neatly grouped into three parts to help you Track, Manage and Store everything you need to run your business: General Compliance Finance GENERAL: Tasks: This is where you can track […]