How to enable/disable services for entities you manage?

How to enable/disable services for entities you manage? Head over to “Entities” from left side menu. Click into the the entity that you would like to manage the services. From the top navigation bar, select “Others”. Under “Services”, check or uncheck the relevant services for the entity.

Integrate Zave with Xero

Summarising the necessary steps to setup the connection between your Client Management Portal and Xero. Please note that the Standard or Adviser Xero access needs to be granted by your Client to you,  for the specific entity before you start this process. Otherwise, you will not be able to see the entity appears in the […]

Automated Document Generation

Generate templated Corporate Secretarial documents with the document generator. Note : this functionality is currently only available for the Singapore jurisdiction. Australia, Malaysia Hong Kong will be launching at a later date   Creating Corporate Secretarial documentation shouldn’t need to be a drag or time-consuming. That’s why we give you the opportunity to automate the […]

Getting Started with ZaveHub

A guide to walk you through adding your first entity Welcome to the Zave Partner program and ZaveHub! The first step to ZaveHub is to add one of your client’s companies as an entity. This will allow you to start tracking dates, deadlines and invite your client’s into their own branded portal.   Here’s how […]

Zave and Xero FAQs

A list of frequently asked questions regarding Zave and Xero Is Zave synced with Xero? Yes, we synchronise the changes in Xero to the Zave platform. Here is the Xero Sync Schedule: Every 30 mins – Pull records updated in Xero in the last hour; Daily at 12am SGT – Pull the latest records from […]