Add your team and manage user groups on ZaveHub

In this article we will explain how you can manage user access, including how to invite users, assign users access levels and user groups. We’re excited that your family’s growing! This guide covers how you can invite more users into ZaveHub and set up user groups for your team. Notes: Only users with Admin rights […]

Inviting your clients to use Zave

Getting your clients started on the Zave portal. Now that you have created an entity for your client onto ZaveHub, you can invite them onto Zave so that they have access to all their corporate documents, visibility into stakeholder information and important dates and deadlines, and the tools to communicate with you. 1. Navigate to […]

Create and manage your client’s key information via ZaveHub

View and set deadlines and compliance vitals. The “Entities” section in your Client Management Portal allows you to view, edit and update your Client’s particulars, enabling you to have key information at your fingertips. 1. Head over to the navigation panel and select “Entities” 2. In the ‘Entity Name’ column, type in the entity you […]

Communicate through Tasks in ZaveHub

Collaborate on all corporate services through Traditional communication channels can get pretty messy really quickly! This is why we created ‘Tasks’: one single tool to make sure communication with your clients is always clear and easy to follow. 1. Create a Task by heading over to the “Tasks” module in ZaveHub and hitting the “+” […]