Helping your Clients manage their Bills

In this article we will explain how your Clients can manage their Bills First, what exactly are Bills? Bills include expenses of the company that has yet to be paid. They typically include items such as Rent, Utility, Supplier Bills etc. There are 2 ways to submit Bills Submit by uploading documents to the Client […]

Helping your Clients manage their Staff Expenses on ZaveHub

In this article we will explain how your Clients can manage their Staff Expenses First, what are Staff Expenses? Staff Expenses are reimbursable items that your staff has spent on using personal expenses that will be claimed against the company. This includes meal claims, taxi receipts, flight bookings etc. There are 3 ways to submit […]

Zave-assisted Bank Reconciliations

Simplify the process for un-reconciled Bank Transactions. When performing bank reconciliations, exceptions will always exist, requiring further clarification relating to the ‘nature’ of the transaction, or ‘additional documentation’. With the ‘Bank Reconciliation’ function in ZaveHub, you can say goodbye to data entry and emails to chase clients for information! Using the ‘Bank Reconciliation’ function means […]

FAQs from clients

Here are answers to some FAQs that your clients may have about Zave. Is Zave synced with Xero? Yes, Zave is integrated directly with Xero. We synchronise the changes made in Xero to the Zave platform and vice versa. Here is the Xero Sync Schedule: Every 30 mins – Pull records updated in Xero in […]